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December 3, 2013

Members’ Christmas Market

Telescopes were set up indoors

Telescopes were set up indoors

Report by Christina Chester

Every night in the past week, weather forecasters for London skies had predicted cloud cover. Sadly, there was no exception for Tuesday evening where the Museum Members’ Christmas Market had taken place. Evading the ice-cold temperatures outside, Flamsteed members set up a selection of telescopes beside the Christmas tree at the entrance of the National Maritime Museum’s Sammy Ofer Wing.

Shortly after we had all set up a jubilant brass band begun to play festive music and before long, the visitors arrived.

People gathered to speak to us, undeterred by the fact that there was nothing to see through our telescopes. Discussions took place about what is presently visible in the night sky and we offered tips on preventing a raft of bugbears brought on by viewing in light-polluted London. People were thrilled to hear that it is possible to observe Jupiter and the Pleiades with ease and of course, with a little bit of patience to adapt eyes to the dark.

Being able to offer advice to people wishing to purchase their first telescope was wonderful. We had the pleasure of meeting some of our newest Flamsteed members for the very first time too.

Far across the foyer, the Art Club unveiled their skilfully drawn creations. Artists at the stall painted scenes of the Cutty Sark at sea. Visitors were also treated to a 20% discount sale in the museum shop that evening and entry to the Turner and the Sea exhibition.

As the evening’s event drew to a close, we packed up our telescopes to the sounds of the band who never let go of their merriment and continued to play us out till the very end.

Pictures from the Event (by Christina Chester and Malcolm Porter)

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