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History of Astronomy Group Meeting: ‘The Megalithic Armilliary Sphere Mirrored Between Earth and Sky’

May 22 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

| Free

Alan Evans has been studying Archeoastronomy from the Seventies when, as an officer in the Intelligence Corps, he saw Stonehenge and the surrounding area through a Stereo Air Photograph, for the first time.

Archaeologists at that time believed Stonehenge was begun around 1,850 BC (R S Newall FSA 1976). Today the newest English Heritage brochure on the Stonehenge Site states that 4 massive Mesolithic Post Holes for sighting purposes were erected just to the NNE of the site as early as 7,750 BC, then a 4,000 year gap; with the first stones (The Blue Stones brought from Wales) being erected in a circle in 3,000 BC.

Between Alan’s first sighting of a Megalith, with gaps for overseas postings and raising a family of four, he has been studying particular designated Archaeological Sites around the world that Dr Clive Ruggles, (Chair of Astroarchaeology at Leicester Uni) has designated as being genuine examples of an Archaeoastronomy site.

Alan’s studies suggest that some of these sites, such as the Sphinx (and possibly the Great Pyramid) at Giza, may have been established thousands of years older than currently thought; often with strange millennial gaps between usage or refurbishment, like Stonehenge.

Additionally Alan will propose that at some Megalithic Sites it appears that Megalithic Man had created Sighting Lines and Great Circles lines suggesting detailed knowledge of the 25,800 year Precession cycle; and a great interest in changes in the resultant Declination and Azimuth of The Galactic Pole and Galactic Centre as viewed from those sites. EG the Mayan “Long Count” and the “2012” Phenominon

(Supporting his presentation will be: Terrestrial Maps, Google Earth, Star Maps (such as Skyglobe, Stellarium and Starry Night Pro), together with Freeware “GPS Vizualiser Great Circle Mapper” and Excel Graphs).


Flamsteed History of Astronomy Group Meeting.

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May 22
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Royal Observatory Greenwich
Blackheath Avenue
Greenwich, Greater London SE10 8XJ
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