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    Here are some (just some of the 150) pictures I took of the eclipse in the USA.
    I was just south of the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole, just north of Hoback junction in Wyoming.

    I was using a Nikon Coolpix P900 bridge camera, which has an amazing 24 to 2,000mm lens. This can make it hard to hold still on full zoom, even using a tripod is a challenge.

    There are sun spots visible on the images taken through the mylar filter, which worked very well.

    The diamond ring came out well, but I had trouble keeping the image in the centre of the screen, as you can see. I was not using a motorized tripod.

    During totality I took several shots each bracketed in triplicate. The corona was pretty even and didn’t show the structure that is sometimes present. The prominences are visible as pink areas, but they are not that well resolved I’m afraid.

    I missed the second diamond ring while trying to centre the image.

    I missed the crescent shaped images of the sun cast between the tree leaves. And I also missed the rippling shadows that are supposed to be present during totality. This, despite having a piece of paper on the ground ready. I just got too excited. Others who saw them said they were moving in the opposite direction to that in which the shadow was moving.

    During totality it got considerably colder, people went indoors to put on jumpers and coats. There were some chickens about who went into their coop. There were not enough wild birds around to make any meaningful conclusions about their behaviour.

    I’d like to thank those members who offered me advice before the trip, it helped a great deal. I’m sorry, but I don’t remember your names, but thank you. My wife and I intend to come along to the AGM in October if we can.

    The rest of the images are in the subsequent posts

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    The remaining (selected) images

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    Great pictures of the eclipse and amazing to see those crimson prominences on the chromosphere too.


    But I was especially wowed by the video you showed to everyone at Monday’s lecture.  That was awesome! I loved it, including the response of the crowd around you (in video that is, not the Flamsteed audience, though I did hear some justified “wows” in the lecture room too!).  I hope at some point you might be able to upload that video somewhere?  Or maybe Andy can incorporate highlights of the eclipse beginning, totality, diamond ring stages in the members astrophotography video.


    So glad you had the clear skies for it and congratulations on a what looks to be a most memorable and successful Solar Eclipse trip.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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