September 28, 2015

Total Eclipse of the Harvest Moon – 28 September 2015

Lunar Eclipse above Blackheath

Lunar Eclipse above Blackheath

An impromptu session was arranged on Blackheath this morning to view the total eclipse of the Moon. A few hardy souls turned up at 3am to view totality, and what a spectacular view it was.

More pictures will be added to this report as they are received. If you took any pictures of the eclipse, please send them in to

The eclipse timings were as follows:

  • 1.11am: Penumbral Eclipse began
  • 2:07am: Partial Eclipse began
  • 3.11am: Total Eclipse began
  • 3.47am: Maximum Eclipse
  • 4.23am: Total Eclipse ended
  • 5.27am: Partial Eclipse ended
  • 6.22am: Penumbral Eclipse ended

The Moon appeared completely red between 3.11am and 4.23am.

Gallery of Images:


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