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Home Forums History of Astronomy Group Arthur Eddington – Books referred to in last night's talk

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    Andy Sawers
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    Thank you very much to everyone who came along to my talk on ‘Arthur Eddington: England’s luckiest astrophysicist’.

    A few of you asked for the list of books I referred to at the end, so here they are:

    No Shadow of a Doubt – Daniel Kennefick (2019); I did a book review of this title for the BAA Journal recently, which you can find here:

    Einstein’s War – Matthew Stanley (2019); A great story, well told

    General Relativity and the 1919 Solar Eclipse – Robin Catchpole and Graham Dolan; brief but detailed explanation of the expeditions to Sobral and Principe (online):

    Arthur Stanley Eddington – A. Vibert Douglas (1956); The biography commissioned by Eddington’s sister. Out of print but possibly available through inter-library loan or second-hand

    Einstein: His life and universe – Walter Isaacson (2007); One of the standard modern biographies of Einstein

    The book that Mike Meynell referred to covering the unpleasant and acrimonious dispute between Eddington and Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar is called Empire of the Stars, by Arthur Miller (2011).

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