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    Here are some software I use for my astrophotos:

    Free software on PC (not all are compatible with Macs):

    • GIMP (Opensource alternative to Photoshop)
    • Deep Sky Stacker (to stack multiple exposures and achieve more detail)
    • Registax (for stacking as well)
    • Startrails (to stack multiple photos to produce star trails, this software can also produce a timelapse)
    • PhotoLapse (to produce a timelapse)

    Perhaps others can suggest the ones they use on Mac?

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    Mike Meynell
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    For Macs, I’d recommend the following:

    • Nebulosity: Not free, unfortunately (costs $80 currently), but is a very powerful software package for controlling cameras (mostly CCDs, but also Canon DSLRs) and stacking images. It will cope with field rotation if you don’t have an EQ mount. Also available for the PC. You can easily use Nebulosity without having to resort to Photoshop or other photo processing packages, so it’s worth the $80 if it means not buying Photoshop!
    • StarStaX: Very easy to use software, available for both PC and Mac, for producing star trail images. Simply load in the frames, plus any dark frames if you’ve taken them, and click the button to process. Very quick, with lots of advanced options to play with.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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