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    Fantastic capture, Sumitra! Lovejoy sure looking as sexy as its namesake.

    Thanks, Tej! It was fun, I am so glad my friend and his father invited me along!

    in case you take me too seriously Sumitra, which sometimes you do, lol.

    Unnecessary, imho.

    Its called the Skywatcher Star Adventurer and its very feature rich ( various tracking modes and built in timelapse) with great build quality at a very attractive price.

    Thanks for highlighting this option. It looks quite good.

    I’m however after something much more portable as I cycle to where I take photos. In addition, I wouldn’t be able to take that with me in France and do not want to have to invest into 2 trackers. It also looks much more lengthy to install. I think it’s great for those who would also use with a telescope, but I doubt that would be my case (as I go out on my bike). For that reason, I’m only looking at either the Polarie or the iOptron.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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