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    Brian Blake
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    Mike Meynell
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    Beautiful visuals… but I remain sceptical about our ability to explore our solar system in this way. I just don’t think that organic lifeforms are suited to long-term space travel. Sorry, not very romantic, I know… but there are so many problems to overcome.

    I’ve long thought that it would take a evolution in our own biology before it’s possible. This may take the form of implanted technology to protect the human body from the vigours of space travel… or it may require full-scale cyborgs. Without this, I just don’t see how long-term space travel is feasible.

    Christina Chester
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    I have fallen in love with our Solar System (even more). The visuals in this video are stunning and tease my curiosity. I want to see more! I love the way in which the different perspectives ‘take you there.’ The visualisations of those “other worlds promising untold opportunities” make me yearn for more.


    I wish our capabilities were more advanced so that we could truly realise these “undiscovered lands and new worlds.” How amazing would it be to walk across the ice planes of Europa to see an imposing vision of Jupiter appear beyond the horizon…


    I just don’t think that organic lifeforms are suited to long-term space travel


    True for the present and perhaps the forceable future – certainly within our lifetimes. But there’s nothing to suggest that this is unachievable in our distant future. It’s not impossible!

    Not sure that I’ll tire of this video!

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    Its lovely short film and like Christina I’d love anything close to that being a reality one day (I imagine in at least half a millenium!)

    But right now, in the meantime, what I would like, is for us to populate as many worlds as possible with advanced building block organics for life and let evolution take its place for species to strive appropriate to other world’s environments. Reason being if we are truly the only complex lifeform in the universe as many physicists speculate, including Prof Francisco Diego then is we are the only ones and either we die out or we cant find another suitable home, then at least lets give any kind of life form a chance.

    Christina Chester
    Topics: 19
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    Tej, your post got me thinking…


    Who’s to say that life-forms on Earth are the only life-forms within our Solar System? I say this in fear of sounding like a devout conservationist nut job but shouldn’t any other kind of life-form, be it bacterial, however insignificant it may appear to us, be given a chance to survive? If it’s out there in the first place, of course. By visiting these other worlds and not properly understanding them beforehand, we’d risk contaminating them. Then we’d never ever know if we are or were alone.

    Our Solar System is realistically, the only chance of us being able to physically seek out other life-forms and I believe that there are no second chances… If we spoil it here it’s gone for good.

    As it stands, we don’t even properly understand our neighbouring planets – ones that we’ve sent probes to already. An interesting article in appeared today discussing the possibility of biological activity inside a Martian meteorite. According to the article, Martian life is more probable than previously thought. Interesting stuff!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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