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    Brian Blake
    Topics: 188
    Replies: 409 a lecture by Susskind. Thoughts anyone?

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    I just watched the lecture, brian, thanks for the link. I really enjoyed that and Holographic universe is certainly a new concept to me. I have no idea why he opened up his talk about prostitutes though, that was uncomfortable!

    So what is the conclusion though? We are effectively within an event horizon of the universe itself, whereby within our bubble we see ourselves 3 dimensionally just like Alice feels perfectly fine in the black hole, unaffected but to an observer outside the Cosmic event horizon (that boundary which we cannot see beyond), we would look like a scrambled up 2D spaghetti?

    I like the concept, its bizarre and pretty funky. Of course its all down to the absolutely crazy world of Quantum mechanics…

    I’ve been seeking some youtube documentaries on Holographic Universe so can get some more clarity or perspectives. I found this one, which I’ll have a watch and see if worthy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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