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Home Forums General Discussion Is Sky at Night providing a programme to amateur astronomers.


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    Brian Blake
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    I have to say that I think the move to London and attaching the programme to the science section has lead to it being more like a Horizon Programme and less like an amateur’s astronomy programme. The problem with that for me is that Horizon has been dumbing down. I agree with Mike Meynell about what the content should be.

    Worries me that this may be used as an excuse to cancel the show.

    Andy Sawers
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    How many members of UK astronomy societies are there? Might be worth starting to accumulate that sort of information…

    Mike Meynell
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    I count just over 200 member societies in the Federation of Astronomical Societies. Difficult to estimate the number of members… they will range from the small societies (<50 members), through to… well… us! (350 members). I’d guess an average membership of around 75 per society, giving about 15,000 people.

    So, not a huge number… but a pretty vocal and well educated population (in my humble opinion!).

    The recent “Save Sky at Night” online petition got just over 50,000 “signatures”, so people do feel pretty strongly about the programme. I don’t know about recent viewing figures, but I believe in the old format, the Sky at Night regularly had 1,000,000 viewers per month (if you include iPlayer views). Somewhat concerned that the move to BBC4 will have reduced this figure, and I do share Brian’s well written concerns above.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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