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    Andy Sawers
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    Here’s my list of books I mentioned in last night’s ‘Ten books in 15 minutes’ talk…

    Astronomy: A self-teaching guide, by Dinah L Moché – Very much a high school (GCSE-level) textbook, but useful introduction to astronomy concepts and vocabulary

    Cosmos, by Carl Sagan – But of course. Do look out for the illustrated version. Original TV series available online

    To Explain the World: The discovery of modern science, by Stephen Weinberg – Very much focused on the science, with almost 100 pages of technical/mathematical notes 

    The Sleepwalkers: A history of man’s changing vision of the universe, by Arthur Koestler – Predominantly focused on the Copernicus/Kepler/Galileo era. Excellent

    The Book Nobody Read, by Owen Gingerich – The remarkable detective story of how he traced 600 copies of Copernicus’s De Revolutionibus and studied the scribbled annotations

    The Right Stuff, by Tom Wolfe – Brilliant story of the Mercury astronauts

    No Shadow of a Doubt, by Daniel Kennefick – Just-published book marking the 100th anniversary of the total solar eclipse that (more or less) proved that gravity can bend light

    The Black Hole War: My battle with Stephen Hawking to make the world safe for quantum mechanics, by Leonard Susskind – A difficult topic made as accessible as possible

    2010: Odyssey Two, by Arthur C Clarke – HAL, Heywood Floyd, and the Tycho Magnetic Anomaly in a planetary science-driven sequel to 2001

    Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year annual, by Royal Observatory Greenwich – Amazing

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