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Home Forums Observing and Imaging Group Solar eclipse and cloudgazing fun!

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    Hi All,

    Well it was quite a disappointment that not even a break in the clouds happened! I was keeping my fingers crossed for that!

    But it was still fantastic fun! Such a large turnout was amazing despite the extent of the cloud cover!

    I got overwhelmed and didn’t set my camera properly to do the timelapse, which was annoying too. But in any case, the video wouldn’t look that good as I had no way of keeping my camera far enough to do a nice timelapse of the entire event. So no regrets.

    I did use several of my frames to do a collage, which shows how overrated were the reports saying we would be plunged into darkness 🙂
    Some people mentioned they noticed it going darker, but personally I didn’t notice. My eyes are either excellent at adjusting to changes in luminosity, or I was too busy doing social media stuff on my phone. In any case, it is noticeable on the photos!

    Solar Eclipse 20th March 2015 Collage.jpg
    by Sumitra_S[/url], on Flickr

    It was most annoying that the skies cleared just an hour after the eclipse, typical indeed!
    I was so annoyed I decided to postpone the eclipse. Well I had to make use of my solar glasses (which I had bought in 2006 where it was also a no show as well, despite being in Nice!). Here are some photos of the sun with my solar filter, pre-postponed-eclipse and during postponed-eclipse. :p

    IMG_9527 – The sun Pre-Postponed-Eclipse by Sumitra_S[/url], on Flickr

    IMG_9579 – The sun during Postoned-Eclipse by Sumitra_S[/url], on Flickr

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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