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    Mike Meynell
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    I’m just putting together some stats on last season’s activities for the forthcoming AGM next week, and thought that people might be interested in a detailed breakdown of what we’ve done. I can’t quite believe how many events we organised last year, so wanted to get it in writing to convince myself!

    • Lectures: 10 lectures, including 1 “Members’ Talks” evening.
    • Blackheath Observing: 10 events. 4 cancelled due to weather. 6 successfully run. Includes the BBC Sky at Night event on Blackheath in October.
    • Romney Observing: 9 events. 6 cancelled due to weather. 3 successfully run.
    • Cudham Observing: 1 event. Successfully run.
    • Solar Viewing: 13 events, including 4 “members only” sessions. 5 cancelled due to weather. 8 successfully run.
    • Great Equatorial Refractor Viewing: 8 events, including 2 special “imaging” evenings.
    • Pub Evenings: 11 events.
    • History of Astronomy Group: 5 events, including 1 trip to the RMG LTE stores.
    • Radio Astronomy Group: 2 events.
    • Society Trips: 3 events – 2 trips to CERN in Geneva, and 1 to the Observatory Science Centre in Herstmonceux.
    • Workshops: 4 events – 2 telescope workshops and 2 astrophotography workshops.

    That makes an extraordinary 76 events arranged during the season (September 2013 to August 2014). Of these 76 events, 15 were cancelled due to the weather, making 61 events successfully run in total.

    Looks like this season could be just as busy, with 23 events organised already… and we haven’t even started yet!

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    And a huge well done for all your (and the Flamsteed team’s) hard working efforts to make our memberships a great one.


    Although I missed most of the summer events and lectures due to my cricket season, I attended enough to enjoy the variety of different events including stargazing sessions, out of London trips, visits to historical artefacts and the invigorating lectures by notable scientists.


    Thanks Mike, for orchestrating everything and thanks to the team for another enjoyable year. I look forward to another great year of sharing cosmic discoveries, discussions, field trips and battling the skylords to peering through into the cosmos 🙂

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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