This was a lecture delivered by Prof Richard Crowther who is currently in charge of International Relations at the UK Space Agency, having previously been at the Space and Technology Facilities Council.  He began by explaining the consequences of human space activities. These include: a greater appreciation and understanding of Earth and Space; many unique […]

As part of the Flamsteed Society Christmas Party evening at the Royal Observatory Greenwich on 6 December 2010, a presentation with the title “Astrobiology: the hunt for alien life” was given in the Peter Harrison Planetarium. Dr Dartnell is an Astrobiologist from University College London, looking for life beyond Earth.  Lewis is also a science […]

Unfortunately, there is no meeting report available for this lecture.

On 4th October, a very large audience of Flamsteed members was delighted to listen avidly to Prof. Ian Morison’s update on the SETI investigation (the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) and to receive his personal views on the probable outcome of this ongoing research. Thanks to the tube strike, Ian joined us after a five hour journey from Manchester, […]

‘How we reached the Moon’ — well-trodden ground (as it were), and Jerry has given this talk many times before.  But he makes it very fresh and most interesting, and the Flamsteed audience loved it. Jerry traces the story of manned spaceflight starting with a reminder that manned, powered, flight only began at all just […]

The Society returned to familiar territory for its annual picnic gathering held on September 3rd.  Around 20 people came along to the Astronomer’s Garden behind the Observatory for a very congenial chat over sandwiches, nibbles, and the odd glass of favourite tipple.  It was also a chance to meet the newest member, the new little […]

Unfortunately, there is no meeting report available for this lecture.

The Flamsteed was delighted to welcome Simon Singh in a more relaxed frame of mind after the resolution of the libel suit brought against him by the British Chiropractic Association.   Simon has been preoccupied with his defence against this action for two years.  We look forward to seeing more from his pen when he can […]

Nick Kanas is a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco.  He’s been running a project with astronauts and cosmonauts about human interactions in space.  Nick’s hobby and passion, though, is about mapping the stars and that’s why he came to speak to us at the Flamsteed. Nick says he’s been an […]

The Flamsteed audience was delighted to welcome back Stuart Clark after an absence of only one year.  Stuart’s writing career has been unfolding (as has his music career we understand!) and most recently he was pleased to be appointed Senior Editor for Space Science at ESA, the European Space Agency. Stuart returned to talk about gravity — Since 1687 […]